Welcome to ImageContest.org

This is very simple service: You launch image contest, invite anyone (by sharing link) to submit images. You invite anyone to vote on these images.

For voting we implement pairwise comparison scheme: voters see two random images at a time and pick the best one. After voting deadline passes, results are available in form of a ranked list of submitted images.

Neat features include: email notifications, submission moderation, cover image for posting contest in twitter

Future neat features include: securing submission/voting by white-listing emails, submission of images from Instagram

Here some screenshots:

Create contest

New contest example

Define rules, set deadlines for submission and voting. You can add custom cover image

Share link for image submission

Image submission example

You can invite image submissions by simply sharing link

Invite to vote by sharing a link...

Voting example

Anyone can follow secret link to vote in contest

Or by sharing voting on Twitter

Twitter summary example

When posting on Twitter, contest cover image works as banner. Facebook and Google banners are coming soon!

See and share the results

Results example

Results are stored on our server indefinitely and can be shared with simple link

Launch your own image contest now

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